1. Printed some fun little cards for myself!

  2. Really excited to have some of my printed things in stock as part of the new DNA Artspace Bookshop! Go check out this new beautiful addition to the London Arts Community, yeahhhh.

  3. Classy wedding suite with Gold ink for L&H! I really love the mixed paper colours in this one. Design by Daniel Philips.

  4. GOLD on press today! weeeeeee

  5. Finally got around to printing some cards from my linocut. Decided to go with a teal/purple rainbow roll, wooo!

  6. Really excited about these fun little cards I printed for my studio partner! Top left shows the inked photopolymer plate, under it is the first colour, and then the final two-colour print on the right. Can’t get enough of that little squeegee. 

    Design and illustration by Dumb Luck.

  7. I recently held a linocut workshop as part of The Scrap Mill and it was so great! Thanks to everyone who came out - all of your cuts and prints were amazing! 

    (Group photos by the lovely Tania)

  8. A wedding invite suite designed by Matthew Spears featuring a nice little monogram. Congrats to D&L!

  9. Some simple little biz cards for my pal Jenna!

  10. Picked up some new/old wood type this week! My favourite stuff, can’t wait to see how it prints!

  11. I haven’t been this excited about a print in awhile! Albert E. Drudge was my grandpa and this is one of the original printed auction bills from when he sold his farm in 1970. So much beautiful type! I’m definitely going to hang this on my wall forever. 

  12. A little wedding invite suite to end the week off - black on French Paper's 140lb C Kraft Speckletone, woo!

  13. Had fun printing these little invites for some buds of mine, using hand-set wood and metal type. Congrats Ben and Liz!

  14. Excited for this new little gallery to open up downtown - DNA artspace will bring great things! Thanks Thea and Allison. :)

  15. Printed some wedding invites for two sweet friends of mine! All handset type with a silkscreen floral print on 110lb cotton paper.