1. Bummer! 

    I’ve been printing and assembling some tiny flag banners! Various expressions printed with wood type on kraft paper, packaged and ready for hanging. Also available are ‘make things’, ‘do something’, ‘whatever’, and ‘holy moly’.

  2. Printed another set of wedding invites - these ones were designed by the groom! Congrats L&B!

  3. Printed some nautical-themed wedding invites for an old pal! Design by Rebecca Zavitz.

  4. A few new cards for lovers or pals! 

  5. Printed some invites for my cousin’s little guy on his first birthday! Cute poem courtesy of the parents. 

  6. Printed some business cards and note cards for the lovely Alanna Gurr using handset metal type and an old cut of a tiny piano that I had in the shop - was pretty excited to make use of it! 
    If your piano needs tuning or servicing, give this lady a ring!

  7. New holiday cards, larger notebooks, and tiny 2014 calendars are all ready and up for sale!

  8. Tiny 2014 calendars in progress!

  9. Printed a lovely 2-colour poetry broadside for Baseline Press. Design by Billy Bert Young.

  10. Coasters for D&T, congrats!

  11. Printed a poster in collaboration with the Grickle Grass Festival crew for this upcoming event. These prints will be for sale!

  12. Printed posters for this fun upcoming event series, The Scrap Mill at The Bag Lady. It features a bit of silkscreening, which is now fully set up in the studio!

  13. Printed covers for a hand-bound poetry chapbook, an upcoming release from Baseline Press.

  14. Another congratulations to Jennifer and Michael! More hand-set type printed on a sturdy 200lb Waterford paper with a raw edge.

  15. Congratulations to the wonderful Bryan and Marilyn on their golden anniversary! These two-colour invites were printed from hand-set type on a bamboo paper.